Newsflash: Looking for more designs for your AN products, check out and register on the site. Read the info and find out how to gain access to tons of designs. Since you are in the VEROClub, then you use questionable images. This is a great resource for personal projects

Welcome to the AN peer to peer VERO Club.

This site is dedicated to resellers knowledge of current and past artwork designs that are subject to eBay's VERO policy and AN enforcement of copyright infringement on celebrity, logo, and trademarks.

This site will give you real end users verification of known images being enforced by eBay VERO or AN enforcement of copyright infringement.  While there are numerous organizations in eBay VERO policy, just because they are not on this list does not mean it will not be subject to VERO policy or AN enforcement of copyrights. When we get more and more end users selling in various online venues will this list accumalate over time.  This list is to educate you on what types of images can be flagged and for you as a seller become aware of certain restrictions in usage.

Finding images in the public domain of the internet does not mean you have the right to reproduce the image on a tangible product for profit. While there is a small group of sellers coming together to collborate on what images not to list or submit for work to AN, this is to further protect your online prescence, reducing your negative feedbacks and suspension from various selling marketplaces. 


If you are visiting this site, then you may have used and image without permission.  We sell and design for self driving reasons, whether it be to make some extra cash or a way of survival in this world of chaos.

We are your fellow peers do not care what you want printed and what you sell, however we want to share the same longevity in a online marketplace. Whether you slightly use a questionable image or outright use the celebrity status to make a profit, we do not care and only here to help.

You has a seller will endure the consequences for what image you use.

The list is provided for awareness of what to remove before the selling site bans you from there marketplace, trying to get back on is a hassle.

Always should use your own designs or licensed artwork to you.

Using celebrity, logo, and trademarks no matter if on our list or not should not be used and you has a seller will assume all risk.

These designs should be for personal nonprofit use. 

Images,images where do you think alot of end users find these images to use?

Well here we will link you to some of the best places to find free to use for commercial images or a variety of art mediums under Creative Commons For Personal & Commercial use. This will be in the blog section of the site with links to get the resource.

Also we will tell you where to get some cost wise affordable artwork or for the seller that may have enough capital investment to jump into sites that offer extended license for the purchase of a certain amount of credits.

Software, if you are thinking of investing in some new software in creating your artwork, here in the blog you will find information and a link to a trustworthy site to download the software, more and more software are offering trial period for you use the software and see if it is something you may need to add to your arsenal of design tools, which then you will also alot of addons for Adobe Software and Corel Software.



Now you can leave a comment on what you think about the site.

Blog & List: Most that browse into this site will ask why have it password protected, why not share the information freely.

Well the only way to see it freely is to particpate by sending us your list or you can make a donation.

The donation will cover this website upgrade, as the free version has a limit on space.

You can make a donation to the right lower side of the front page and thanks for helping us out.

Once you make the donation, we will email you the login information, please do not give out this information.



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